Hi. I'm Björn Postema.

And this is my online visiting card. I am a Dutchman, living in Enschede, the Netherlands. People often associate me with my work as a PhD student, one of my hobby's as a web pioneer and my life as a Christian.

Tell me more...

I design and build, that, which sustains.

Whether it is for another generation, a small step for man or with eternity-perspective.

PhD Student

I like to learn, gain experience and share ideas on development of sustainable systems. My PhD research is about designing and analysing models to provide insight and control mechanisms for energy-efficiency in data centers.

Web Pioneering

I love to explore new areas, find hidden treasures and meet new people. So, for myself I discovered the piano, photography, running, squash, drawing, and last but not least I developed my own website.


I am driven, defined and strengthen through my walk with God as a Christian. I keep my eyes on the new world: the Kingdom of God, where Jesus reigns, people love each other unconditionally and our desire is to do Gods will.

Recently completed achievements.

My achievements vary from my research, to web development, to essential things in life.

I love to meet new people, help and cooperate.

Interested in my research or my websites? Looking for a speaker on life? Please, let me know!

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