I love to inspire people to reach their full God-given potential. In many occasions you take me on a good walk through nature or share a good cup of tea. In some cases, the message on my heart is so strong that it has to be shared in a broader context. I then try to write a decent article, and I even climb the stage if I feel led. I love to see hearts get warmed up and inspired by sharing experiences gained from work, relationships and life’s struggles. I feel passionate to show people how deeply Jesus is connected in our daily lives.

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My public talks:

  • Navigators Studentenvereniging Enschede (11-1-’11). De Liefde. Trefavond. 18-25 yrs. 60-70 ppl. 1 hr.
  • Student Alpha (21-5-’12). Waarom moest Jezus sterven? Alpha avond. 18-25 yrs. 10 ppl. 0,5 hr.
  • Navigators Studentenvereniging Enschede (31-1-’12). Vriendschap. Trefavond. 18-25 yrs. 60-70 ppl. 1 hr.
  • C.S.V. Alpha (4-4-’17). Omgaan met Kwetbaarheid. Kringleider Workshopavond. 18-25 yrs. 10-20 ppl. 1,5 hr.
  • Evangelische Gemeente Enschede (6-7-’18). Bemind door God, zoals man en vrouw. Trouwdienst Marius & Alinda. 100-150 ppl. 0,5 hr.