In Juli 2019, I started as a teacher in the HBO-ICT programme at Christelijke Hogeschool Ede (CHE). My main activities concern development, research, tutoring, instructing, coaching and grading of the essential and fundamental courses in all years of the study program. As the HBO-ICT programme has only recently been adopted and implemented by CHE, the programme has been offered to the students starting in the year 2018. My work is with a very unique, dynamic and within an enthusiastic team that aims to improve and build fresh courses, that are closely related to a large variety of companies in the area, that are prospecting for highly qualified employees.

In the first year, my role in the team has resulted in the following achievements:

Research related

  • I have been appointed by director of HBO-ICT program and organisation-wide research as project leader to a small group of quartermasters during the exploration phase of the research agenda until a lector arrives:
    • I have contributed to the conceptual research agenda for the upcoming lector in this team.
    • I have worked on laying a foundation with the most essential stakeholders and field partners together with this team.
    • I have contributed to form the identity of the research flavour best suited for the organisation.
    • I have established a foundation within the HBO-ICT program team for research.
  • I have been actively participating as a researcher in the innovative learning communities with field partners, teachers, researchers, and students.

Education related

  • I played a significant role in the improved quality of the following courses/modules:
    • Imperative Programming (in Go)
    • Development & Tooling
    • Object Oriented Development (in C# and with UML)
    • Software Testing (based on software testing foundations established by ISTQB)
  • I had an active role in the following courses/modules:
    • Databases (with MSSQL)
    • Software Development & Engineering
    • Digital Transformation
    • Professional Development (as a coach)
  • I have been actively contributing to the development of the 3rd and 4th year of the study program.
    • First thematic explorations that lead to the subjects (i) Data, (ii) Cloud, and (iii) Smart Systems for at least the year 2020-2022.
    • Creating and contributing to an overview of subjects and skills to guide teacher and students towards attaining learning goals for future software developers for the learning goals concerning (i) software design, (ii) software development, (iii) software testing, (iv) software optimalisation, (v) data processing, and (vi) software architecture.
    • Developed, implemented and executed a didactic framework to build and maintain a body of knowledge on these subjects within the organisation. The framework consisted of techniques such a didactic window, pre-assessments, flip the classroom, role playing and question-driven education.
  • I have completed courses to become a certified teacher in the Netherlands:
    • Basiskwalificatie Examinering (BKE), concerning the examination of courses;
    • Basiskwalificatie Didactische Bekwaamheid (BDB), concerning the didactics and guidance.