Web Pioneer

For me it is a joy to create something, that others will use. Early on, I created forums, chat sites and online textual games for others to enjoy. As they enjoyed playing it, I enjoyed creating it. My talent with web programming was discovered by people around me as I took on some first projects such as Ynstyn and Oriste. Later on, in cooperated with a web designer, we delivered a reservations systems for foreigners for the Dick Bruna Huis. During my time as a PhD student, several sites were created as well including a conference website and simple content updates for the DACS research group. Over the years, many websites have been developed by my hands. Here is a list of interesting projects, I have been working on:

Live projects

  • Bjornpostema.nl, 2018 – This online visiting card
  • MMB & DFT 2016 Conference, 2016 – Design and CMS
  • Design and Analysis of Communication Systems (DACS), 2013-2017 – Web content
  • Bjornsoft.nl – My web pioneering portal, that contained many of my smaller websites such as:
    • Experimental online textual games (e.g. the farmer type game Promised Land, the puzzle game Truth, the trading game Beurs and the middle ages game Gregoria)
    • Forum/Chat web applications – For discussion with friends during my secundary school period
    • School projects (e.g. online essay on the role of media in warfare for social studies and my first portfolio website for informatics)

Old projects

  • Huize Benjamin, 2018 – Website of my home
  • Dick Bruna Huis, 2007 – Back-end of a reservation system for foreign visitors to the Dick Bruna Huis
  • Oriste, 2007 – Back-end Content Management System (CMS) for a mediator company
  • Ynstyn, 2006 – An art gallery of an excellent artist